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  • Tracking Pixel – Ability to control the positioning in a sendout.
    by forums_noreply@adobe.com on enero 14, 2020 at 7:37 am

    Hi, We are aware that due to restrictions with Gmail; If an email is >120 KB in size, Gmail(Desktop) will truncate it i.e. only part of the email will be visible with a link to click and view on a browser page. This also cuts the tracking pixel which means we wont be able to track opens/clicks as well unless the user clicks and views the mail in a browser page. We are aware that the tracking pixel is added within the delivery analysis of a send-out and therefore it’s not possible to place the tracking pixel in the header, for example to ensure that we can track Gmail sends that are larger than 120KB.  We would like to request that it is possible to have control on where the tracking pixel is placed within a send-out.

  • Company leaver – can we access (what were) their Workspace projects?
    by forums_noreply@adobe.com on enero 6, 2020 at 12:53 pm

    Hi all,  we had a colleague leave on Friday and we now cannot see any of the projects she had set up in Workspace.  Does anyone know if these can be captured in any way and then shared with those of us left as she had not done so prior to leaving? Many thanks in advance. Kind regardsKirsten

  • Dynamic Form – New table instance loses script functionality.
    by forums_noreply@adobe.com on enero 2, 2020 at 9:09 pm

    I have script functions withing two text fields within a table. Whenever the user clicks the add button, a new instance of the table appears. BUT. The text fields lose their scripts?  How can I make a new instance of a table that will inherent the original table’s scripts? I want it to repeat the row and all of the programming within the row. Here is what I am trying to do.  I have “ghost text” in two text fields within a table. It gives the user instructions, but when they click in the text field, the instructions disappear so they can type. But when the user clicks the add button, the 2nd instance of the table does not have the “ghost text” tool tip instructions. It is just blank. Example of my code for one of the text fields. Works like a charm, but it seems this scripting does not make it to the newly added table, only the initial table gets the ghost text instructions. MandatoryForm.page1.B12_rows.B12_row.TableB12.Row1.Table2.Row5.txtOffice::initialize – (JavaScript, client) if (this.isNull){this.fontColor = “153,153,153”; this.font.posture = “italic”;} MandatoryForm.page1.B12_rows.B12_row.TableB12.Row1.Table2.Row5.txtOffice::enter – (JavaScript, client) this.fontColor = “0,0,0”;this.font.posture = “normal”; MandatoryForm.page1.B12_rows.B12_row.TableB12.Row1.Table2.Row5.txtOffice::exit – (JavaScript, client) if (this.isNull){this.fontColor = “153,153,153”; this.font.posture = “italic”;}  MandatoryForm.page1.B12_rows.B12_row.TableB12.Row1.Table2.Row5.txtOffice::prePrint – (JavaScript, client) this.format.picture.value = “”; MandatoryForm.page1.B12_rows.B12_row.TableB12.Row1.Table2.Row5.txtOffice::postPrint – (JavaScript, client) this.format.picture.value = “null{‘” + this.assist.toolTip.value + “‘}”;  MandatoryForm.page1.B12_rows.B12_row.TableB12.Row1.Table2.Row5.txtOffice::ready:form – (JavaScript, client) this.execEvent(“exit”);this.format.picture.value = “null{‘” + this.assist.toolTip.value + “‘}”;    HERE IS MY ADD BUTTON SCRIPT MandatoryForm.page1.B12_heading.btn_Add_B12::click – (JavaScript, client) this.resolveNode(‘B12_rows.B12_row._TableB12’).addInstance(1);if (xfa.host.version < 8) {xfa.form.recalculate(1);}

  • How to use the ‘externalId’ field for ID reconciliation in Trigger in ACS environment?
    by forums_noreply@adobe.com on enero 2, 2020 at 7:42 am

    Hi Team, Could you please help on ID reconciliation in Trigger in ACS instance. I want use the “externalID” field to reconcile the data coming from Analytics side(after trigger execution) from which my profile will get mapped with tracked profile from analytics data. Below are the screenshots of event content and enrichment section in Trigger in ACS for the reference. You can see in the 2nd image I have to use extended profile field/external ID filed in “Field of linked resource”. Can anyone help me with this query?  Thanks,    Sachin C

  • Privacy Service API, “Get Job Status” Capability Improvements
    by forums_noreply@adobe.com on diciembre 13, 2019 at 9:14 pm

    As described in Adobe Experience Cloud and GDPR, currently there are only 2 supported options for checking the status of CCPA DSR jobs:   Check the status of a jobUsing one of the jobId values returned in the previous step, you can retrieve information about that job, such as its current processing status.View all job requestsYou can view a list of all available job requests within your organization by making a GET request to the root endpoint. While option 2 does grant some control to specify “page” and “size” to narrow down the scope of “All job requests”, there are other use cases where DSR job status is needed that are still very difficult to fulfill.  For example: Get the status for a batch of jobIDsuse case: a list of 90 people want to know the status of their DSR request has been compiled. We want to have the ability to send all 90 jobIDs in a single request.Get status for all jobIDs within a given date rangeuse case: internal privacy audits may request to know the status of jobs submitted in the last 2 weeks, or in the last month. We want to have the ability to specify a date range and get the status of all requests within that date range These additional capabilities would enhance the usability of the Privacy Service API.

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